"If a problem has a solution there is no need to worry about it. If there is no answer for the problem, worry will do no good."  Tibetan proverb

Translation is an art

Welcome to Sunflower Agency, we specialize in translations in the fields of beauty, marketing and communication.

The art of translation isn't only about words, it also requires the ability to deal with concepts, ideas and a lexicon proper to the world of a specific project. French thinker Voltaire summed this up very well: "Woe to the makers of literal translations, who by rendering every word weaken the meaning! It is indeed by doing so that we can say the letter kills and gives the spirit of life."


Your translated documents are just like your ambassador.
Our translation services will add impact and strength to your professional image and give a quality boost to your international outreach.


Founded by Sandrine Steltzner, Sunflower Agency is the outcome of 20 years of experience in the translation and cosmetics business fields for the account of foreign brands, especially American ones.

Sunflower Agency helps you promote your products and services all around the world.




Areas of expertise

• Cosmetics

› Beauty
› Well-being
› Hair care
› Nail care
› Health
› Spa


• Communication

• Edition

• Education

• Franchise

• IT

• Lifestyle

• Marketing

• Media

• Press


Languages, a family thing

Frenchwoman of Armenian origin, Sandrine Steltzner was raised in a family where 4 different languages were spoken.
Over time she became familiar with these foreign languages and learned how to 'decode' conversations that her parents had meant to keep secret!
A sign that translations were to become an essential part of
her life…


The language of Shakespeare, a love story

First Hollywood movie: love at first sight. A true revelation, which had a direct impact on her life both personal and professional. From age 10 to 23 Sandrine regularly travelled to England and the United States. She eventually settled for sometime in California and laid the foundations of her family and her profession.
A sign that this would give shape to her determination…


Cosmetics, a personal vibe

As a child Sandrine was taught dance by a former Bolchoi principal dancer. Art, rigor, sensitivity and elegance...
A connection with beauty materializes. Several years later, freshly graduated in International Trade she begins working in San Francisco for an art material import company.
She returns to Paris with a mission: introduce the Sebastian International brand on the French market.
A sign that the birth of Sunflower Agency was imminent…


Sunflower Agency obviously!

To be there at the exact spot life had meant you to be, to do what you had always been meant to do: for Sandrine, Sunflower Agency embodies all of this.
At the crossroads of cultures, languages and experiences her translation agency is now ready to make you benefit from its knowledge in cosmetics, marketing and communication.
That's where she wants to invite you…